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January 10, 2008

New GE ECM™58 Series Fan/Motor System delivers up to 300% energy

GE Industrial Systems has announced another milestone in ECM motor technology the ECM 58 Series fan/motor system. Designed for commercial refrigeration and other air-moving applications, the new line delivers improved efficiency and quieter operation than shaded-pole motors.

“By working closely with customers, we’ve been able to develop a product that leapfrogs conventional technology,” says Ron Blackburn, ECM Market Manager for GE Industrial Systems. “As a result, our efforts have yielded a product that redefines industry expectations for fan/motor performance.”

Faster payback

Depending on the application, a customer can typically realize a payback with the 58 Series in less than a year. The short payback period is made possible by the ECM's greater efficiency coupled with the optimized design of its integral shroud and fan.

According to Blackburn, the ECM 58 Series fan/motor system operates at 20 to 25% system efficiency compared to 5 to 10% efficiency of systems equipped with shaded-pole motors, which means up to 300% energy savings. “The ECM 58 Series should become the new standard of efficiency and performance in commercial refrigeration applications,” says Blackburn “What’s more, our new product is suitable for both the OEM and retrofit markets.”

The ECM’s permanent-magnet, DC design allows the motor to achieve very
high efficiency and maintain it over a wide speed range. The new system has also
been designed with a smaller fan-tip clearance to provide optimum system efficiency.

Programmable controls

Unlike conventional motors, the ECM 58 Series has a built-in programmable microprocessor that allows designers and engineers to create more versatile and
efficient products that deliver a host of unprecendented benefits.

The ECM 58 Series delivers constant speed regardless of static pressure. It
does so by automatically adjusting its torque to maintain the programmed-speed set
point. In commercial refrigeration, constant-speed capability is critical to providing
the greatest performance and preservation of perishables. It also means lower
inventory because one fan/motor system can serve many applications.

GE engineers have designed the ECM 58 Series to deliver quiet operation by
using advanced materials and manufacturing processes. In addition, its
programmability means that the speed of the motor can be adjusted to avoid any
resonant frequencies that might occur in a product application.

The ECM 58 Series allows two operating speeds which can be selected
from its speed range of 950 rpm to 1900 rpm. Another programming feature
is start delay.

Proven reliability

The ECM 58 Series addresses the most common problem today in commercial refrigeration moisture. To combat this, GE covers the motor’s sensitive controls with potting material to help prevent water from reaching its electronic components. Tests conducted by the company indicate that the new fan/motor system stands up to more than 180 hours of chemical-spray testing.

Line transients from lightning strikes, corrupt utility power or EFT (electrical fast transient) noise generated by other applications can cause damage or a temporary interruption of power to any electrical appliance. The ECM 58 Series comes standard with robust electronics that allow the motor to operate trouble free in the event of most power irregularities. These fan/motor systems also meet IEEE C62.41 standards for 100 kHz ringing as well as IEC 801-4 standards. They are also UL listed with CSA and CE certification pending.

The new ECM 58 Series motor is currently available in a 36-watts in,
120 volt rating as well as a 38-watts in, 240-volt rating. It is suitable for most any airmoving application including: freezer cases, reach-in cases, medical equipment and
vending machines. The motor is built with permanently lubricated sleeve bearings.

Originally introduced in 1984, ECM motor technology is employed in a variety of
residential and commercial air-moving applications. It now comes to the commercial
refrigeration market after 15 years of success in the field and an installed base of
more than three million homes and businesses in North America and Europe.

- This information was provided by GE.

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